Grunge Fashion

As you can see, today’s world is completely filled with the fashion of hoodies and jackets. But if you could observe the people’s world of the late 90s, you would be able to observe this fashion. Neil Young is considered the godfather of this grunge fashion. The clothes worn by these people and the fashion followed by these people have gone gaga over that period of time. People who wore these grunge-fashioned dresses are considered the ultimate heroes of that generation. Neil Young, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sound garden are among the most well-known grunge artists.

What is Grunge Fashion?

The term grunge fashion usually refers to fashion that is famous for its durability. Be it clothing or aesthetics. These grunge-styled things are well known for their long-lasting nature. The clothing made from this fashion is made with frugal store fabrics. This frugal fashion had its own fan base back then, and in my opinion, it is the best fashion ever. Rather than spending much on clothes and all that gives us superficial pride and respect, grunge fashion teaches us to wear whatever we have and whatever we want.

The History of Grunge Fashion

Usually, the royal people of that era (so-called late 90s) used to give priority to the clothes they wore. They used to respect people depending on the type of clothing they wore. They used to care about people depending on the cost of the clothes they wore. The ancestors of this grunge fashion got angry over the behaviour of those royal people, and they started this trend. They started to wear loose pants and loose shirts. They started to wear whatever they had. This resulted in a simulation among the youth of the time.

They didn’t agree with those royal people’s allegation that money and maintenance would give you value in society. Hence, this grunge fashion is mainly focused on wearing clothes that are durable and low-cost. These people want to prove that humans should not be valued by the amount of money and property they have.

What does it Contain?

Grunge fashion is defined by messy grazed hair, careless makeup, cheap shirts, and vintage items.

This Messy Graphed Hair is to show people that even with this kind of hair, we are the most happening stars in this country at that time. They also wore careless make-up to show people that people with any kind of facial glamour can show their talent and excel in this world.

This fashion is all about people who want to prove themselves through their talent and not through inherited properties or anything related to money and property.

Types of Grunge Fashion

The most famous kinds of grunge fashion are 90s grunge, indie grunge, soft grunge, vintage grunge, and pastel grunge.

90s Fashion

This 90s fashion is a motivated version of the grunge movement. This 90’s grunge fashion mainly motivates you to wear whatever you have without having much concern about what to wear.

The most famous versions of this fashion are Courtney Love, Winona Ryder, and Drew Barrymore.

Indie Grunge

This is most similar to the 1990s grunge. However, this has mixed with the pop style also. The most popular versions are knitwear and cardigans.

Soft Grunge

This is the most popular style of the last decade. This has some traits of the modern style. The most famous versions of this grunge fashion are flannel shirts. Along with funnel shirts, some of the most popular versions are knitwear and cardigans.

Vintage Grunge

This takes inspiration from yesteryear’s fashion trends and is the most basic step toward wearing vintage garments.


As said, this is the most famous fashion trend that’s been laid down by the famous music stars of those times. It doesn’t have any special attire to be worn. It only focuses on motivating people to only let them focus on their own talent and not believe in the superficial power created by the money and land properties that they own through inheritance. As said, this grunge fashion comes in various types, which include 90s fashion, indie fashion, soft grunge fashion, and vintage grunge fashion. This is one of the best fashions ever created by any person. In this fashion, clothing is usually made with durable fabrics.


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