Social Rank and its Usage

When it comes to managing, identifying and organizing your followers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Social Rank stands second to none.

What is Social Rank?

Social Rank is an online enterprise product that allows you to carve a niche for yourself and your brand by making it easy for you to conduct extensive research for your business. Social Rank is a Market Intelligence tool that helps you manage the followers on Twitter and Instagram.

The standout feature of this enterprise product is that it is completely free. Social media influencers propound that Social Rank helps brands identify their most valuable, most engaged and the best followers. In this article, I will be detailing out the usage of Social Rank tool for Instagram.

Understanding the finer lines of nuances among the three types of followers- most valuable, most engaged and best followers will do a world of good to brands.

  • Most Engaged Follower (MEF) is the follower who interacts and socializes with your brand. Be it in terms of number of mentions, tagging, likes on your snaps etc., the most engaged follower interacts with you the most.
  • Most Valuable Follower (MVF) is the follower who dons the hat of a social media influencer. Based on the number of fans/followers that this particular account holder has, based on the number of Instagram pictures and posts and on the penetration of his snaps, the account holder is adjudged the Most Valuable Follower (MVF).
  • Best Follower is the perfect blend of Most Engaged Follower (MEF) and Most Valuable Follower (MVF).

Social Rank Market Intelligence

The systematic and organized usage of Social Rank for gaining insights on

  • Customer Engagement
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Filtering and
  • Sorting is commonly referred to as Social Rank Market Intelligence.


Social Rank for Filtering and Sorting

There is a very fine distinction between sorting and filtering. Sorting is all about systematically organizing your followers. In other words, sorting is about organizing your followers into the following five groups:

  • Most Valuable
  • Most Engaged
  • Most Followed
  • Best Follower and
  • Alphabetized

When it comes to segmenting your followers, filters come handy. After filtering your followers into various segments, you can organize them. After you are done with sorting and filtering your followers, leverage Social Rank for the following endeavors.

Social Rank for Keyword Search

It is a well-known fact that your Instagram name, Instagram bio coupled with genuine fonts and visuals gives an idea of what business and what niche you are into. There is nothing wrong in exploring how your followers are leveraging their Instagram accounts. Social Rank exactly banks on this point.

  • To get an idea of how your followers are using Instagram, search for keywords in their respective bios and Instagram handles. Search for industry related keywords and keywords pertaining to your niche.
  • For example, if you are into E-commerce niche, try something like marketplace scripts, ecommerce trends etc. If you are into Content Marketing, you may hedge your bets on keywords such as content, digital marketing, growth hacking etc. By using Social Rank, you can gain insights on how they are marketing their respective brands with innovative strategies.

Social Rank for Hashtag Research

To become the cynosure of all eyes, Hashtags help you a great deal. It is not uncommon to see various followers using hashtags for spreading and advancing the good word of their respective marketing campaigns. Thanks to Social Rank, apart from identifying the hashtags that are relevant to your account, you can also identify your followers’ accounts – the most frequently used hashtags and the most searched hashtags.

Now, after identifying the most potential and relevant hashtags, it all boils down to drawing a comparison with the most successful hashtag strategy and that of yours. Identify the voids present in your hashtag strategy and chalk out a unique strategy and implement in the next hashtag campaign.

Social Rank for Location

Social Rank takes your business to the next best level with its Location feature. To go global, you have to first make a mark for yourself in various local regions. This boils down to tapping local customers.

To search for followers within the frontiers of a geographical location, you can use Social Rank. You can get a bird’s eye view of how other businesses are managing their Instagram accounts within a geographical location. In addition, you can gain insights on what’s attracting customers.

For example, if you are into e-commerce niche and are wishing to grab headlines by organizing a dedicated session on “Amazing Growth Hacking techniques” in Seattle, you can use Social Rank for determining your followers in Seattle. You can request them to visit your workshop. You can conduct a marketing campaign and subsequently make it viral. Social Rank thus makes your marketing campaign an instant hit.

Social Rank assists you in exporting all the data into .CSV (Coma Separated Value) file. Thus, the names of the people attending your workshop can be saved and necessary arrangements can be made.

In this ultra-competitive industry where followers are more than numbers, it is important to assess your competition. Social Rank does this too. You can always identify the Instagram accounts that are getting a lot of popularity and high engagement all associated with a particular niche (s).

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Updated on: 17-Jan-2020


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