Snowflake - Objects

Snowflake logically organizes data in three stages − Account, Database and Schema.

Database and Schemas organize data logically within a Snowflake Account. An Account can have multiple databases and schemas, but a database must be tied up with only one schema and vice versa.

Snowflake Objects

Here is the list of Snowflake objects −

  • Account
  • User
  • Role
  • Virtual Warehouse
  • Resource Monitor
  • Integration
  • Database
  • Schema
  • Table
  • View
  • Stored Procedure
  • User Defined Functions (UDF)
  • Stage
  • File Format
  • Pipe
  • Sequence

Objects after Schema are tied up with Schema and Schema is tied up with Database. Other entities like User and Role are used for authentication and access management.

Important Points Related to Snowflake Objects

Here is a set of important points regarding Snowflake objects that you should be aware of −

  • All snowflake objects fall under logical containers where the top level container is Account, i.e., everything is under Snowflake's Account.

  • Snowflake secures all the objects individually.

  • Users can perform operations and tasks on objects based on the privileges granted to roles.

    Privileges Example −

    • Create a virtual warehouse
    • List Tables in a schema
    • Insert data into a table
    • Select data from a table
    • Not delete/truncate a table
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