Snowflake - Login

It is quite easy to login to Snowflake as it is a cloud-based platform. The following steps are required to login to Snowflake account −

  • Go to the email you received from Snowflake while registering and copy the unique url (unique for each user).

  • Go to the browser and navigate to the URL. It will navigate to the Login page.

  • Provide the username and password that you have set during registration. Finally, click the Login button.

The following screenshot shows the login screen −

Snowflake Login Screen
  • A successful login navigates the users to the Snowflake data platform. Users can see their name at top-right corner as shown in the next screenshot. Along with name, they can see what role is assigned to them.

  • At the left-top corner, there are some icons like Databases, Shares, Data Marketplace, Warehouses, Worksheet, and History. Users can click there and see the details of those items.

  • In the left panel, few databases and schemas are provided by Snowflake for hands-on like "DEMO_DB, SNOWFLAKE_SAMPLE_DATA, UTILDB".

  • The blank white screen adjacent to the Database details are called Worksheet where the users can write queries and execute them using the Run button.

  • At the bottom, there is a Result panel. The results of a Query will appear here.

The following screenshot shows the different sections of the screen, after logging in −

Snowflake Different Sections of Screen
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