Simple Steps to make your Google Contacts upto Date

Do you have numerous incomplete entries in your Google Contacts? If your answer is yes, you might be aware that, you do not have either complete mailing address or new phone numbers of people with whom you are associated; they may be your colleagues, relatives or close friends. When you are in this situation, you might feel miserable because you do not have a record of your close one’s anniversaries and birthdays.

Know about Google Contacts?

I am sure all those who are reading this article would like to know, what is Google Contacts, in any case if you do not know what Google contacts is, then do not be upset, it is more or less a service offered by Google, it helps in unifying contact details like blog Url, email, phone number and Skype ID in one place. Sometimes, you may notice your Google Contacts has become cluttered and lack of updated information.

Getting the Missing Information?

There are two ways to get the missing information. First one would be to make a phone call or send emails to all those people and request them to provide missing information so that you can update manually on your address book. The second way, definitely is the better option, ask all your contacts to update their records.

Contacts Updating – Google Address book?

The selected contacts would be sent through a simple web form from your Gmail account. Once they receive the form, they can fill-in missing contact information and then press the submit button. You will find that the entered data is directly added to your Google Contacts.

To begin with, go to your Google Contacts, and then create a new group. Next, you need to put one or more contacts in this particular new group. You will observe, contacts who are part of this new group would get automatic email requesting them to update their records in your Google address book.

  • First step, in your Google drive you should create a copy of the contacts app.

  • Second step would be to update the values of Names and Group Variables with your own name and also the name of all your Google Contacts, respectively.

  • Third step, you must Go to publish, then deploy as Web App, click the “save new version” button. Next, you can choose “anyone, even anonymous” under who can access the app, then click the deploy button.

  • Fourth step: Initialize to authorize and you can run the script.

The contact belonging to the particular Google contract would now receive an email from you. When any of these contacts tend to update their personal details using the above form, you would be notified about the change through email.

Nine small steps which will help you to clean up –

Merging Duplicate Google Contacts − Even though Google merges duplicate contacts, it is not that great and at the same time it is not bad either. You can either choose to merge the duplicate Google Contacts manually or you can let Google detect the duplicate contacts and merge them in a single step.

  • Moving Contacts of LinkedIn to Google − Many people are unaware that they can export their LinkedIn Contacts, which includes email addresses and also import them to Google. Thus, you can either choose to quickly email all contacts rather than choosing to send the Linkedin Messages.

  • Google Contacts, Export − Do you completely trust Google and expect it to save everything safely. Are you sure that, your account would not be compromised. True, two step verification is a good security feature, but to feel safer, it’s always recommended to export all your Google Contact and also saving them in numerous locations like local storage or Drop box. You can also take hardcopy and have it with you.

  • Check the apps whether they have access to your contacts − Many unknowingly or knowingly grant numerous apps access to their Google Contacts. Bad or Conflicting Apps might make changes to your contacts, which you do not want. Good news, is that Google allows you to view, which of the apps does have access to your Google Account and you can even revoke access of all those which you no longer need.

  • Have a Check on other Contacts from Exploding − As the Google description is vague, many cannot distinguish between my contacts and other contacts. Other contacts, means those people whom you have earlier written email or have replied and few people you have called using Android. You can send a numerous emails, and also keep it clean as well as manageable by turning off the auto-add feature.

  • Know how to restore your Contacts − By installing an App, have you lost your contacts. The good news is that you can restore the list of contacts to a point in time. But, unfortunately, Google does not allow you to restore the individual’s contacts as of now.

  • Sync Google Contacts on your iPhone − If you have brought an iPhone and are annoyed that you’re Google Contact have not pulled the contacts automatically even after you set up your Google on your iPhone. You need to follow instruction for syncing the Google Contacts on your iPhone.

  • Changing the Theme − Incase if you maintain multiple Google Accounts for different needs, you can open them at the same time and then change the themes for one or more Google account. This will offer you visual clue, and will help you mindlessly searching for someone you wish to contact in the wrong Google account. This step will help save time and thus you can manage Google contacts well.

  • Delegation − If you have an administrative assistant who manages your calendar as well as other tasks. Assign them the task of keeping the Google Contact clean. By using the delegate feature, your administrative assistant can manage your Google Contacts.

It is always good to have updated records, be it school records or office records or your Google contact records. It is not late, you can begin now, for office and school records you need to manually work it out, but for Google contacts to get it updated, all you require to do is send a simple online form from your Gmail. All those who receive those forms, when they fill it and submit it, you will have updated Google contacts.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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