SAP Simple Logistics - Procurement Types

Procurement Type is used to determine whether a material is procured in-house or it can be procured externally, i.e. a planned order or a purchase order needs to be created. The type of procurement completely depends on the material type.

When the procurement type supports both in-house production and external procurement, material requirement planning starts with in-house production.

As per the procurement type, the master data settings and MRP parameters, the receipts (usually planned orders or purchase requisitions) are scheduled. Restrictions due to overloads are left out of consideration, the procurement type defines the type of procurement elements. Depending on the procurement, scheduling is applied.

Special Procurement Type is used to define how procurement has to be carried out. In consumption based planning, special procurement type stock transfer from plant to plant at the plant level can be defined.

Material Requirement Planning is normally performed at the plant level. You can also exclude storage location stock from the plant’s MRP run. With the use of storage location MRP, you can define the following special procurement types −

  • Production in an alternative plant
  • Stock transfer from an alternative plant
  • External procurement
  • Consignment