Operational Procurement

With the use of operational procurement, it is possible to integrate procurement process with other processes and automate other processes with the procurement process and reduce cost. It helps the organization streamline the source to contract and procure to pay processes.

Requirements Processing

Using Operational Procurement, organizations can handle variety of purchase requisition more efficiently and quickly. By displaying automatically all available sources of supply for an open purchase requisition, SAP S/4 HANA increases significantly the efficiency and speed of the source of supply assignment process.

To manage purchase requisition, search for an app Manage Purchase Requisition.

Manage Purchase

In SAP ERP system, Transaction ME57 is used to convert a purchase order to purchase requisition. With S/4 HANA sourcing and procurement, Fiori UI is provided to convert purchase requisition into purchase orders.

S/4 HANA Fiori App Manage Purchase Requisition functions

  • Systems propose automatically set of available sources of supply to facilitate and accelerate assignment of source of supply.

  • No time-consuming back and forth searching by providing dynamic and flexible search and filtering across the entire list of open purchase requisitions.

  • Grouping, filtering, and downloading capabilities of open purchase requisitions.

Purchase Order Processing

Using Operation Procurement, organizations simplify one-stop purchase order processing. With SAP S/4 HANA, the purchaser is supported with a variety of capabilities to speed up the processing of manually created purchase orders.

Create Purchase

Standard Order

S/4 HANA Fiori App Create Purchase Order functions

  • Selection with dynamic filtering options.

  • Dynamic prefilling and provisioning of fields based on selected supplier or material type.

  • Efficient creation of purchase orders by selecting a previous purchase order or purchase info record as template.

  • Minimize errors during the change process by restricted set of available field entries.

  • Sequence of data section based on relevance.

  • Draft purchase order is created automatically when the session is lost and retrieved automatically upon returning.

Service Purchasing

Operational Procurement helps the buyer to create, change, and display service purchase orders.

Procurement Analytics

Operation Procurement supports real-time purchasing and inventory reporting.

Purchase Order Collection

With the use of operational procurement, it supports transmission of purchase order and different document using Ariba network. Following apps are available in SAP Fiori UI.

Purchase Order

Self-Service Requisitioning

It provides employees with self-service requisition option to create, manage, and track the demands effectively and efficiently.

Self Service

With SAP S/4 HANA, the operational purchaser is supported holistically across all buying activities such as processing Purchase Requisitions to find an appropriate source of supply, creating and processing Purchase Orders.

Employees are supported to search and request goods/services in a cross catalog search with a consumer-grade user experience.