SAP PP - Common Tables

In this chapter, we will discuss some of the important tables in SAP PP.

For Material Requirement Planning

Table Description
MDKP Document Header data
MDTB Table Structure
MDVM Planning File Details
MDFD MRP Date details
S094 Stock Analysis

For Demand Management

Table Description
PBED Independent Requirements Data
PBIM Independent Requirements by Material

For Planned Orders

Table Description
PLAF Planned Order Details

For Repetitive Manufacturing

Table Description
S025 Run Schedule Quantities
S026 Material Usage
S028 Reporting Point Statistics
SAFK RS Header Master Data

There are various tables in SAP PP system for BOM, routing, discrete production, material allocation, goods receipts, etc.

Table Description
MAST Material BOM
STOP BOM Positions
PLKO Routing Group Header
PLSO Routing Group Sequence
PLPO Routing Group Operations
AFKO Production Order Header
AFPO Production Order Position

How to View SAP PP Tables in SAP ERP System?

Step 1 − In ERP system, use T-Code: SE16.

Initial Screen

Step 2 − Go to SAP Applications.

SAP Application

Step 1 − Click the ‘+’ sign and you can see the list of all tables in ERP as shown in the following screenshot.

SAP Component View