SAP Payroll - Subsequent Activities

This includes the activities that should be carried out after processing of gross and net payroll for employees.

Posting of Payment Transactions

This is used to post the personnel expenses within a company to financial accounting and Cost Accounting.

This includes payables to the employees who are posted against the Wages and Salaries Payable account. It also includes payables to the recipients as the deductions received from the employee are posted in the additional payables account and this varies as per the country.

Subsequent activities are performed for this, which includes −

  • Payables against employees are settled by payment.

  • Receivables against third party like tax, insurance are settled by payments.

For each transaction, the following steps are performed −

  • Step 1 − Amounts payable are calculated

  • Step 2 − Amounts calculated are paid

  • Step 3 − A payable account to bank clearing account is created.

You can perform Step 2 and Step 3 either automatically or manually and it varies according to the country and the transaction type.

Salary/Remuneration Statement Tool

To create or edit the salary/remuneration statement, you can use HR Forms Workplace. This allows you to create a new salary statement with the Forms Workplace and also provides you multi-functional graphical options for structuring the layout of the form and then print program.

A form can be printed from the HR Forms Workplace or by using a SAP Easy access menu.