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Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to SAP HANA. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz.

Questions and Answers

Answer : A


In Star schema, you have one fact table and multiple dim tables.

Answer : B


SAP HANA studio is an Eclipse-based development and administration tool for working with HANA.

It is a client tool, which can be used to access local or remote HANA system.

It provides an environment for Administration, Modeling and Data Provisioning.

There are several predefined User Interface addressing several applications types called Perspectives.

We can use the SAP HANA studio on the following platforms −

Microsoft Windows x32 and x64 versions of: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Q 3 - A SAP HANA Modeler is using Calculation view with Star Join to add measures from multiple fact tables. Which of the below statement is correct about Calculation view with Star Join?

A - You can only add base Column tables at Star Join level.

B - You can only add Attribute Views or Analytical views at Star Join

C - You can only add Dimension Calculation View at Star Join

D - You can add other Calculation views without Star Join and data type Cube

Answer : C


You can only use dimension Calculation views in Calculation view without Star Join.

Q 4 - In SAP HANA Modeling, to copy an existing view and without making any changes to it, which of the below option should be used?

A - Copy

B - Derived

C - Standard

D - Time

E - All of the above

Answer : B


Copy from − If you want to use already existing attribute view s template then go for this(you can modification if required for current one).

Derived − This is kind of reference type. You cannot do modifications to the current one (Do the changes for main one).

Q 5 - Which of the below Data Replication method requires no additional server or application in the SAP HANA system landscape?


B - Data Service


D - Log based method

Answer : C


Reuses existing proprietary extraction, transformation, and load mechanism built into SAP Business Suite systems over a simple HTTP(S) connection to SAP HANA.

Requires no additional server or application in the system landscape (Simplicity)

Q 6 - In SAP HANA security, which of the below can be used to limit the data access based on the attributes and for a specific time period in Modeling Views?

A - Roles Management

B - Object Privilege

C - Analytic Privilege

D - System Privilege

E - Package Privilege

Answer : C


Analytic Privileges are used to limit access on HANA Information views. You can assign different types of right to different users on different component of a View in Analytic Privileges.

Q 7 - To provide unfiltered read only access to all system views, which of the below system privilege type should be added to user profile?

A - Data Admin

B - Catalog Read

C - Audit Admin

D - Credential Admin

Answer : B


It authorizes users to have unfiltered read-only access to all system views.

Normally, the content of these views is filtered based on the privileges of the accessing user.

Q 8 - In SAP HANA Data Modeling, where do you define hierarchies, variables/parameters while creating a Modeling view?

A - Semantic

B - Data foundation

C - Output pane

D - Properties pane

E - Star Join

Answer : A


In Semantic, you can define Hierarchies, parameters/variables.

Q 9 - Which of the below option can be used to check the configuration, current alerts, all services running and manufacturer details in HANA system?

A - System Monitor

B - Administration

C - SQL Editor

D - Open Perspective

Answer : B


Administration tab is used to get all the details- about manufacturer, services running, alerts, performance, volumes, etc.

Q 10 - In SAP HANA Modeling, If a view is not activated how do you identify this by looking at the name of the view in package?

A - Red cross mark

B - Grey Diamond mark

C - Yellow oval mark

D - Blue tick mark

Answer : B