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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Consider different DW systems in place, which of the below DW system focus on predicting future outcomes using complex mathematical models?

A - Predictive Analysis

B - Data Mart



Answer : A


Predictive analysis is about finding and quantifying hidden patterns in the data using complex mathematical models that can be used to predict future outcomes.

Q 2 - In a Query panel, Report developer wants to add multiple conditions in a Where clause statement. Which of the operator type should be used?

A - Arithmetic Operator

B - Relational/Comparison Operator

C - Logical/Boolean Operators

D - Set Operator

Answer : C


SELECT empno, ename, sal FROM emp WHERE sal >= 1500 AND sal <= 3000; SELECT empno, ename, sal FROM emp WHERE deptno = 10 OR deptno = 20;

Q 3 - In SAP HANA Modeling, which of the view type provides Modeler with an inbuilt nodes-Projection, Join, Union and Rank?

A - Analytic View

B - Attribute View

C - Calculation View

D - All of the above

Answer : C


Graphical Calculation Views

Can consume other Analytical, Attribute, other Calculation Views & tables Built-in Union, Join, Projection & Aggregation nodes

Q 4 - In SAP HANA Data Replication, Which of the below is a trigger based method for data provisioning and used for real time business scenarios in HANA database?

A - Data Service

B - Landscape Transformation

C - Sybase Replication


Answer : B


SAP LT uses trigger based approach: has no measureable performance impact in source system.

It provides transformation and filtering capability.

It allows real-time (and scheduled) data replication, replicating only relevant data into HANA from SAP and non-SAP source systems.

It is fully integrated with HANA Studio.

Q 5 - In SAP Data Services to replicate the data from SAP ECC to HANA database, which data store type should be used to create a data store for ECC and HANA system?

A - SAP ECC system, Database

B - Database, SAP Applications

C - Database, SAP ECC system

D - SAP Applications, Database

Answer : D


For ECC system, use SAP Applications while creating a datastore.

For SAP HANA, use Database as store type while creating a data store.

Q 6 - In SAP HANA security, which of the below can be used to limit the data access based on the attributes and for a specific time period in Modeling Views?

A - Roles Management

B - Object Privilege

C - Analytic Privilege

D - System Privilege

E - Package Privilege

Answer : C


Analytic Privileges are used to limit access on HANA Information views. You can assign different types of right to different users on different component of a View in Analytic Privileges.

Q 7 - To manage remote objects from Teradata, Sybase IQ and Hadoop in HANA database, which of the below option can be used?

A - SAP Smart data access

B - HANA XS Engine

C - HANA Application Perspective

D - HANA Sybase Replication

Answer : A


SAP Smart data access

Q 8 - Consider a SAP HANA system with a permanent license which is about to expire. How many days an administrator has to get it renew after the permanent license is expired.

A - 28 days

B - 30 days

C - 14 days

D - 45 days

Answer : A


Permanent License keys are valid till the predefine expiration date. License keys specify amount of memory licensed to target HANA installation. They can installed from SAP Market place under Keys and Requests tab. When a permanent License key is expired, a temporary license key is issued which is valid for only 28 days. During this period you have to install a permanent License key again.

Q 9 - SAP HANA Modeling can only be performed on column base tables?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Q 10 - Which of the below allows you to load the large amount of data to HANA database by using a text file or via a clipboard?

A - SAP HANA Information Composer

B - SAP HANA cockpit


D - SAP HANA Data Provisioning

Answer : A


SAP HANA Information Composer. You can perform data loading or manipulation using this tool.

To upload data this can be done in two ways −

  • Uploading .xls, .csv file directly to HANA database
  • Other way is to copy data to clipboard and copy from there to HANA database.
  • It allows data to be loaded along with header.