Linking Process, Business Logic & People

In SAP Workflow, business processes are defined in the Workflow Builder. Each step is defined in the Workflow builder and is called an activity. A single step task or workflow template is defined in each of the activities.

Following table shows the components of SAP Workflow.

Organizational Plan

Organizational Unit (a functional unit in your enterprise)

Position (represents a post)

Job (classification of functions in an enterprise)

Staff assignments/assignment of user ids

Standard Task Task (a description of an activity)
Workflow Builder


Step types




Triggering Events

Terminating Events

Business logic is defined in business object and Business Object contains attributes, events and methods in the workflow. Methods contain ABAP code to define tasks. Each and every standard task in the Workflow is linked to a method and a Business Object.

In the organizational model, people/group of people are responsible for performing actions as per the organizational structure. All these are defined in the Workflow Builder. You can view or create Workflow using T-Code: SWDD (Workflow Builder).

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