SAP BEx - Accessibility Mode

To perform data analysis, you need to use the BEx Analyzer and you can add the data in a workbook. When you use the Web Applications, you can activate user profiles in the Portal configuration.


To show and hide the filter in a workbook area, you can use following keyboard shortcuts −

  • Filter: ALT + F
  • Information: ALT + I

In a filter, you can also define filter conditions. The following functions can be performed using key combinations as shown below −

  • Display key/text: CTRL + SHIFT + P
  • Settings: CTRL + SHIFT + E
  • Move to the beginning CTRL + SHIFT + T
  • Move up: CTRL + SHIFT + U
  • Move down: CTRL + SHIFT + N
  • Move to the end: CTRL + SHIFT + L

You can also define variables in a query and different key functions can be performed in a variable dialog box.

  • Save variant: CTRL + S
  • Save as new variant: CTRL + A
  • Deleting variants: CTRL + D
  • Attributes: CTRL + P
  • Display Object Name as: CTRL + R
  • Personalize Variables: CTRL + E

In the next chapter, we will learn in detail about the various Broadcasting Options in SAP Business Explorer.