Safety guidelines for using a public computer

Because of some reason, sometime people cannot use their personal PC or laptop . In that situation, people go to libraries, Internet cafes, airports, and coffee shops, and many-more for browsing, these all are public computer place opens for everyone. Although, anybody can use public computer, it is not so safe. You never know, who and how other user can crack your opened or closed files and emails which you browsed using public computer. So that, it is necessary to follow some safety guidelines while using public computer. Due to public computer safety concern, this article is offering some guidelines, which will provide safety while using public computer.

Important guidelines for using a public computer

Intentionally or unintentionally, do not save the Log-in data

Some website requires log-in information to get into the website pages, users who are interested to subscribe those websites have to register there with their personal information using sign-up option. Hence, users send their personal date to those websites, be careful while using it – when users log-in to those websites, don’t forget to log-out after completion of work because simply closing those websites, might harms the personal data or can be hacked be hackers. The websites like; social networking websites, web mail, and instant messenger include automatic log-in feature.

Don’t leave the public computer without closing sensitive files on the screen

Before leaving the public computer, log-out all websites and applications, and close all windows that you opened.

Disable and delete applications and browsers features that store passwords and history

In Internet Explorer – Before you go for browsing, just turn off or disable the Internet Explorer features that remember all passwords and history of the applications that you open using IE.

To do that, just open IE, from menu bar click on Tools –> Internet Options –> Content tab –> Settings will open another window with the option “User names on passwords and forms”, click to this option to clear the check box, and then click on “Delete Autocomplete History” will open another window with number of options, delete your temporary Internet files, History, Cookies and other unwanted things from here.

In Firefox – From menu bar, click on Tools –> Clear Private Data.

Note: In case of any browser, when your work get over in public Computer, just open the Temporary folder and delete all files to secure your all necessary files.

Prevent your sensitive date more than protection

Prevent your sensitive date means; do not open any sensitive date in public computer. Hackers access the public computer instantly after somebody leaves the computer. Sometime, hackers install some sophisticated software to track and save all activity perform by others in public computer, at that time all tricks like; erasing and disabling get fails. So, it is better to not open any sensitive date in public computer.

Always secure yourself by escape typing your credit card number or any other financial information into any public computer.

Pick a computer where disturbance is less

Using corner or back side public computer is always safer than front one, because it is beneficial for concentration and safety both. Do not enter password when someone is standing next to you.

Delete the downloaded or newly created file from hard disk

It is quite human nature, when we get more work or things to download, some time we don’t remember that where we downloaded previous files. So that, before downloading or creating new file, it is better first to create a folder to download or create new file inside the folder, this is a best way to remember, keep and delete all files from one place.


As a result, prevent your data by avoid using credit card numbers for financial transactions, bill payment, online booking, etc.

Do not open confidential sites in public computer.

After using public computer, just clear all history, cookies, temp files, etc from computer.

Do not type password in front of any stranger.

So, follow all above guidelines while using public computer.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 09-May-2022


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