Safety tips for your kids to use social websites

At present, how much social websites are growing that much insecurity level is increasing. It’s true; these sites are good for building a social relationship, marketing, chatting, playing games, downloading and sending photos and videos, blogging, uploading online profile – usually beneficial from business point of view and entertainment point of view, but some time bad for youngsters (college students) and kids. Although, most of the social websites are free to subscribe, youngsters and kids don’t have to spend more money to use these sites, for them these sites are cheaper than mobile and any other devices. It has become fashion for youngsters and kids, using these sites they can do any stuff like; photos, videos, messaging, playing games, and many-more. This sociality some time becomes very harmful, youngsters and kids use these sites in full passion but some time they only don’t know where their shared stuffs are going on whether things are going to wrong hand or write hand because small things sometime becomes big.

That’s why; young generation and kids both have to distinguish real life and online life, both. Before doing anything on these sites have to think once that their information can be viewed by anyone through Internet. Although, youngsters and kids cannot stop using social website but protect themselves while using these sites, in this article you will get several ideas which will help your kids to use social websites more safely.

Discuss with your kids on what is going on in their real and online life

Become friend on your kid and ask them what is going on in their real life and online life, politely ask your kid to tell you if something they did wrong on one of these sites which makes them feel worried, painful, or threatened. Do not become hipper after listening anything wrong, sit with them to resolve issue and say them not to do these kinds of things next time again.

Set some internet rules at home

From when your kids start knowing and using internet, set some rules to use internet at home, block all unnecessary sites and decide which social website your kid can use or which one they cannot use. Using this trick at least you can secure you kids at home to use social websites.

Stop your kid if their age is less than the age mentioned on the social websites

Usually, the actual age to use these social websites is inbetween15 to 16 years. If your kid age is less than 15 to 16 years, stop them not to register on these sites.

Enquire about the social website

Enquire the privacy policy and other things about the sites that your kid has planned to use and he/she is already using it. Find out, whatever information your kid post delivers to which place, displays in which format, who all are viewing the post and how much the post is secure.

Avoid giving full names and other personal information

If your kid is using social website, if possible say them not to give full name and other contact information without knowing the site better.

Avoid using group feature in social websites

There are many social websites facilitate a group functional option which allow kids to join public groups that contain everyone who goes to a certain school.

Be careful when your kids go through these group joining process because these sites require deeper information from kids like; full name, school name, family member, address, etc. Be careful because these websites sometime can be fake and their intension is to only get information from kids to threaten them.

Use website that provides user name and password credential

There are some social sites protect user information by providing particular user account with user name and password credential. These kinds of sites permit only those users to whom you have given permission to view and interfere on stuffs provided by you, allow your kids to use only these kinds of social websites.

Be clever about facts in photos

Clarify to your kid that photos can disclose a lot of personal information. Inspire your children not to post photos of themselves or their friends with visibly recognizable facts such as street signs, license plates on their cars, or the name of their school on their sweatshirts.

Notify your child about conveying feelings to outsiders

Say your kids not to communicate with outsiders directly online. Kids use social websites to write journals, poems and stories, viewers view all these things and come to the writer, viewer can be good or bad too, better to avoid outsiders.

Request to remove your kid page from site

If your kids do not follow the rule which you have made to protect them by strangers, and you are helpless to change your kid behaviour, you can contact to the social website your kid uses and ask them to remove the page.


It’s true that how fast the internet is growing that much fast it fans are growing, it is basically attracting kids and youngsters, which is not some time good. We cannot stop internet growth with some bad and good things, better to suggest your kids not to uses some bad website and avoid speaking any online strangers.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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