Rohtasgarh Fort - Overview

Rohtasgarh Fort is one of the ancient forts of India which was constructed in the city of Rohtas situated on the banks of Sone river. The fort has been ruined and now cannot be accessed easily due to Naxalite activities. The hill on which the fort is situated has the height of 1500m. Tourists have to climb the stairs to reach the gate of the fort which is very exhausting.



Rohtas district was created when Shahbad district was divided into Bhojipura and Rohtas in 1972. The district covers an area of 3850km2 and comes under Patna division. Tourists can reach here from Sasaram and Dehri on Sone towns which are connected by road and railways.

Visiting Hours

The fort is located in the Naxalite area and many anti-social elements have made it their home, so the fort is restricted for the tourists. They are allowed to visit the fort during the day time and in large groups. Also tourists are not allowed to go into the interiors of the fort.


There is no entry fees to visit the fort and people can visit the fort at any time during the visiting hours.

Best Time to Visit

Rohtas is situated in an area where summer season is very hot and winter is very cold. The best time to visit the fort is from October to March as the climate is very pleasant during these months. Although January is very chilly but still people will enjoy visiting the fort. If the tourists want to enjoy waterfall then they can come in monsoon though the climate is very hot and humid at this time.

Where to Stay?

There are no hotels in Rohtas district Sasaram and Dehri on Sone are the nearby districts from where people can come to see Rohtasgarh Fort. People can stay in the hotels of Sasaram or Dehri on Sone. Some of these hotels are as follows −

  • Hotels in Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Sone Breeze located at Pali road Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Urvashi located at Gandhinagar Buddha Marg Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Vandana located at Pali Road Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Rimjhim located at Pali Road Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Buddha Vihar located at Pali Road Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Rudraksh located at Station Road Dehri on Sone

    • Hotel Lakshmi International located near Jawahar Bridge Dehri on Sone

  • Hotels in Sasaram

    • Gopal Deluxe Hotel located at Dharmshala Sasaram

    • Hotel Shershah Vihar located at Main Road Faijalganj Sasaram

    • Hotel Rohit International located at Old GT Road Sasaram

    • Hotel Maurya Royal located near Sher Shah Suri Tomb Sasaram

    • Mountain View located at National Highway 2 near Tarachandi Dham Sasaram

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