Rohtasgarh Fort - Architecture

There are many structures that the tourists can see during their visit to the fort. These structures include gates, temples, mosques palaces and many others. Some of these structures are as follows −

Hathiya Pol

Hathiya Pol or Elephant Gate is one of the largest gates of the fort which was built in 1597AD. The gate was named so because number of figures of elephants can be found at the entrance. This gate is the main entrance to the fort.

Hathiya Pol

Aina Mahal

Aina Mahal, which is located in the middle of the fort, was built by Raja Man Singh. The palace has four storeys having a cupola on the top. Assembly hall was built on the second floor. Third floor has women quarters and tourists can enter there through a tiny cupola. First floor has the residential quarters of Man Singh and there is a gate called Baradari which connects it to ladies rooms.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid and Habsh Khan Mausoleum are beautiful structures which were made through stucco style. The architecture of the buildings is of Rajputana style as there are cupolas on the pillars.

Ganesh Temple

Ganesh Temple is situated to the west of Man Singh palace. The architecture of the temple is also based on Rajputana style and design is based on the temples constructed in Jodhpur and Chittorgarh.

Ganesh Temple

Hanging House

There is a structure to the west of Ganesh Temple which locals call hanging house. The stricture is located at a place where there is a trench of 1500 feet. There is a legend which says that there was a fakir who was thrown down three times with his hands and legs tied but nothing happened to him so he was buried alive here.

Hanging House

Rohtasan and Devi Temples

Rohtasan and Devi temples are located in the northeast direction. Rohtasan was a Shiva temple whose roof and main mandap are destroyed. The manadap was used to keep the lingam.

Rohtasan Devi Temple

The temple was constructed by King Harishchandra in which 84 steps are there which lead to the temple. The temple is also known as Chourasan Siddhi due to the presence of 84 steps. Devi temple is also a ruined temple and the deity inside the temple is missing.

Singh Dwar

Singh Dwar is another entrance to the fort and tourists can use jeeps to come here. There is a ghat nearby called Kathauthiya ghat resembling as a container. The road is very narrow and there are entrenchment on both sides.

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