How to Reach Rohtasgarh Fort?

Rohtasgarh Fort is 102km away from Sasaram which is well-connected to various cities through road and rail transport. There is no airport in Sasaram but Gaya is the nearby airport from where tourists can catch a bus or train or hire a taxi to Sasaram.


The distance of Sasaram from the nearby cities are as follows −

  • Sasaram to Patna

    • By rail – 195km
    • By road – 158km
  • Sasaram to Gaya

    • By rail – 103km
    • By road – 144km
  • Sasaram to Mughalsarai

    • By rail – 100km
    • By road – 102km
  • Sasaram to Varanasi

    • By rail – 117km
    • By road – 136km
  • Sasaram to Howrah

    • By rail – 561km
    • By road – 548km
  • Sasaram to Allahabad

    • By rail – 253km
    • By road – 238km

By Air

Sasaram does not have airport but Gaya airport is nearby which is around 144km away. Gaya airport is an international airport from where domestic as well as international flights can be caught. From Gaya, tourists can catch bus, or train or hire a taxi to reach Sasaram.

By Train

Sasaram is well-connected to many cities by train. No Rajdhani and Shatabdi have stoppage here but Garib Rath, superfast and fast trains have stoppage here. Besides these, many passenger trains also pass through the town.

By Road

Sasaram is well-connected by road to many cities. Grand Trunk road was constructed during the reign of Sher Shah Suri and later many road networks connected the town to various cities. National Highway 30 connects Sasaram to Patna whereas National Highway 2 connects it to Kolkata and Delhi. State Highway 2 connects Sasaram to Arrah. BSRTC operates buses to many places. Besides this, private bus operators also operate buses from Sasaram.

Local Transport

The best way to get around Sasaram are auto rickshaws. Tourists can either reserve an auto or go on shared basis. Besides autos, hand-pulled rickshaws and tongas are also a good mode of transport.

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