Rohit Bal: A Vintage Designer

Design as an art form is incredibly important to Rohit Bal. To produce masterpieces that are coveted by discerning connoisseurs worldwide, the designer relies on history, mythology, and folklore. Rohit has a profound awareness of the psychology of the fashion industry, and it shows in his collections, which are clever, well-researched, imaginative, fully innovative, and constantly current and breath-taking. The renowned designer earned an honors degree in history from New Delhi’s illustrious St. Stephens College. After that, he spent a few years learning the ropes at his family’s export company. He started his label and designer line in 1990, and things haven’t looked back since. Rohit Bal has a keen aesthetic sensibility. His work is expertly handcrafted. He is well known for paying close attention to detail. Rohit draws on wide-ranging and diverse influences. The designer brings them all to life in his magnificent yet unique language, from the country's crafts and traditional design techniques that India is so rich in to the ephemeral phenomenon of the subcontinent’s urban scene.

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In 1986, Rohit Bal and his brother Rajiv Bal founded Orchid Oversea Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi. In 1990, Rohit Bal debuted his first collection on his own. The largest textile company in Panchkula, Khadi Gram Udyog, also chose Bal to work with them. He was named “Designer of the Year” at both the Kingfisher Fashion Achievement Awards in 2001 and the Indian Fashion Awards in 2006. Bal created the designs for the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. In addition to outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Chennai, Bal disclosed that Delhi has a flagship location. He creates jewelry as well.

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Rohit is very interested in design as an art form, as the fashion designer has stated. The designer creates works of art that are coveted by discriminating connoisseurs all around the world by drawing on history, fantasy, and folklore. Rohit has a thorough awareness of the psychology of the fashion industry, and it shows in his collections, which are wise, well-researched, imaginative, and totally original, yet always current and exciting. The artistic sensibility of Rohit Bal is extremely refined. His creations are expertly created. He is renowned for paying close attention to every last detail.

Rohit is influenced by a wide range of factors. The designer brings to life every aspect of the subcontinent's urban landscape, from its fleeting phenomena to the local crafts and traditional methods of design that India is so rich in. Many of Rohit's creative endeavors that have been realized are evidence of his versatility as a designer



In famous boutiques in India, the Middle East, and Europe, Rohit has devoted sections. The designer has displayed his creations in world-renowned fashion hubs. Similarly, Rohit has held fashion shows in all major Indian cities, in addition to London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Moscow, Jakarta, Colombo, Sao Paulo, Munich, and Geneva. Incredible and enthusiastic reactions have followed the release of his collections.


  • A collaboration with Kirtilal Jewellers for the launch of a very expensive line of precious jewelry in all Kirtilal outlets. A collaboration with renowned cosmetics company Lancôme to create a bridal makeup line.

  • A collaboration with Nebula-Titan Watches, whose successful watch designs by Rohit Bal were offered at all of their retail locations.

  • A collaboration with Zippo lighters in which a designer was invited for the first time to create lighters with their logo

  • A collaborative effort with Christian Louboutin, an international shoe designer; and a significant partnership with the Conran Store and other lifestyle retailers like Crate & Barrel, Anthropology, and others.


We come to the conclusion that Rohit Bal is one of India’s most renowned and successful designers. He was born in 1961 and has been attempting to blend traditional designs and workmanship with contemporary sensibilities ever since. Celebrities and Indian culture in general love his designs. The designer was dubbed “India’s Master of Fabric and Fantasy” by Time Magazine. He is renowned for using peacock and lotus themes, as well as for the dramatic structure of his garments.


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