forward_list cbegin() in C++ STL

Sunidhi Bansal
Published on 20-Jan-2020 10:02:37
Given is the task to show the working of forward_list::cbegin() function in C++.A forward_list only keeps linkage with the next element unlike normal list that keeps linkage with the next as well as the preceding elements, which helps iterations in both directions. But forward_list can only iterate in the forward ... Read More

Gadget Updates For The Month

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:56:30
Lenovo K4 Note Smartphone Features VRLenovo has started to offer ANTVR to its K4 Note mobile. Credit should go to Lenovo for initiating virtual reality and holographic reality closer to common masses. Other accessories that are generally being offered as a bundle with this innovation are – a VR headset ... Read More

How To Install and Configure MongoDB on CentOS 7

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:53:09
In this article, we will learn how to install and configure the MongoDB on CentOS 7, MongoDB which is an open-source and free database (is a NoSQL database), means it is a document-oriented database, it stores the document which is similar structurally to JSON (in MongoDB it is called as ... Read More

Fping – A Command-Line Tool to Ping Hosts In Parallel on Ubuntu

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:53:09
Fping is a program to send ICMP echo probes to network hosts, it is similar to ping hence, it allows users to check if a remote host is up or down.Using Fping command, we can check multiple hosts at a time. This article describes “How to install Fping command and ... Read More

Fish – A Smart and User-Friendly Interactive Shell for Linux

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:48:12
The Pleasant Interactive Shell which is called and abbreviated as FISH is a shell for UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems. It is a unique and innovative command line environment with a number of priceless improvements. Fish is designed to work with any other shell like bash or ZSH. Unlike different ... Read More

Find the Largest Top 10 Files and Directories On a Linux

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:44:14
Sometimes, it becomes important to find which files or directories are ingesting up, all of your disk area on a Linux. Similarly, we should be able to discover a particular directory location on file system such as /tmp/ or /var/ or /domestic/. This article will help you to use Unix ... Read More

How to Install and Configure Caching-Only DNS Server on Linux

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:39:02
This article will show you – how to configure the DNS caching or forwarding server in the local environment with the use of DNS. DNS (Domain Name System) are often critical servers to get right, when we are learning things such as configure websites and servers. Most of the people ... Read More

Facebook Update: Panoramas with 360 Degree Photos

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:39:50
Virtual Reality and panoramic photos and videos are gaining popularity at a jaw-dropping rate. To go hand in hand with the new era of media experience, Facebook, the social networking giant, has announced that it would roll out an upcoming update to its app which would add a feature called ... Read More

Exam Guidance for GRE

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:37:42
GRE stands for Graduate Records Examination. GRE is one of the most coveted exams designed and administered by Education Testing Services group (ETS). To pursue Masters in Science (MS) or a Masters in Arts (MA) or any Doctoral program in foreign universities all around the world, it is important for ... Read More

GATE Exams: Importance, Benefits and Guidance

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Jan-2020 09:35:13
In this emerging world of huge opportunities, there are so many paths we can travel through and start our careers. But having a bright and a beautiful future is something everyone wants. So, one must be quite clear about his/her interests. And engineering could be one such interest. Many people ... Read More
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