How to Make a Kite?

Ankur Choudhury
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 17:26:51
A kite is an aircraft lifted into the air by the wind, typically using a string or line attached to the kite. Kites are usually made of lightweight materials such as paper, plastic, or fabric and have a frame that gives them their shape. Some kites are designed for recreational purposes, such as flying for fun or performing acrobatic tricks. In contrast; others are used for more practical applications, such as weather monitoring or military communications. Kites have a long history and have been used for various purposes in different cultures worldwide. Origin of Flying a Kite The origin of ... Read More

Fashion Blogs as A Marketing Channel

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 17:02:33
The fashion business has continually faced a number of difficulties as a result of internet development and digitization in the twenty-first century. While social media’s popularity is still rising, a new player in the fashion business has emerged along with the medium they control: the fashion blogger and the fashion blog. Millions of social media followers gave bloggers a position of power, allowing them to shape the opinions of their audience. Fashion bloggers can influence their followers’ thoughts, offer a variety of fashion product reviews, and take part in the decision-making processes of consumers thanks to the popularity of ... Read More

Fashion As an Interdisciplinary Topic

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 17:00:18
This article offers an interdisciplinary approach to fashion theory. This study’s central claim is that the relationship between relationships, cultural practises, institutions, and production structures may be seen in the way that fashion demonstrates these relationships over time. Along with highlighting instances of opposition, conformity, distinction, and symbolic resistance, the social meanings of the “things of culture” are continuously renegotiated in their relationships with one another and with the setting. They convey changes in societal structure, which are clearly visible in the fashion industry. Because fashion theories are still fragmented, social scientists would need to collaborate in order ... Read More

Fashion as an Integral Aspect of Modern Culture

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:57:32
Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon that has an impact on practically every area of our lives, including language, furniture, housing, automobiles, clothes, cuisine, and many other things. There are trend setters and trend followers with varying degrees of adaptation, but in this context, the term “trend” refers more broadly to style and design, which can be influenced by cultures, society, or a variety of other variables, of which fashion is one manifestation. In contemporary culture, fashion has emerged as one of the most significant facets of existence. Fashion has taken on a significant role in modern life; it now affects ... Read More

Fashion as a Social Phenomenon

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:54:15
The way a person dresses communicates a lot about their sense of style and personality. In addition, fashion shows how ideas develop through time, starting as fads but eventually becoming accepted as styles in society, which are a more rigid and established version of their former forms. What Fashion as a Social Phenomenon Defines? Fashion is a social phenomenon that draws individuals from all walks of life because it encourages interaction and brings people together. Many spheres of human endeavour and thought share a commonality with fashion. High-status consumers (including celebrities) and affiliated fashion designers, as well as fashion ... Read More

Fashion Makeup: Blumarine Fall 2010 Collection

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:51:51
Any lady who sees this collection can be inspired to become a true jungle-bold priestess. Blumarine’s fall 2010 collection is a true rock-chic event. The use of black and beige tones creates a powerful yet incredibly exquisite image. The models are also sporting other traditionally masculine characteristics like motorcycle jackets, big-shouldered blouses, and suede. The fringing in this gorgeous photograph reveals a yearning for seduction. It is advised against using bright lip colours or any eye makeup on the eyebrows when applying heavy dark brown and black smoky eyes. This is due to the intense eye makeup, which ... Read More

Fashion and Individual Identity

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:49:00
In the area of fashion, the concept of identity is one of the most fascinating and divisive. The way we depict our contradictions and ourselves in daily life is intricately linked to the development and reconstruction of our identities. People communicate their identity and aspirations through their choices in clothing and personal style. The desire of certain people to stand out from the crowd gave rise to fashion. In an effort to stand out, they used and wore items that attracted other individuals, who went on to purchase their own as a result. However, fashion evolved into a fancifully ... Read More

9 Healthy Plant-Based Milks That Are Making a Splash

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:46:16
Plant-based milk is gaining popularity as more people who are concerned about their health have become aware of the numerous health benefits obtained from consuming it. A wide variety of plant-based milk is available, so if you want to try something new in your diet, you don't have to worry about becoming vegan or having allergies. There is a wide selection of nut milks on the market, ranging from airy and velvety, such as almond milk, to those that are subtly sweet and nutty, such as hazelnut milk. Not only are these plant-based milks tasty and good for you, but ... Read More

Fashion and Film

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:46:07
Since the turn of the century, fashion and film have been closely intertwined, with designers taking their cues from the big screen and directors going to considerable pains to find the ideal costumes for their leading roles. The combination of fashion and film is one of the few that works so well. The symbiotic relationship between fashion designers and filmmakers has contributed to some of the most iconic on-screen moments in history, whether it be a director’s talent for capturing the dramatic movement of a gown on camera or fashion designers’ contributions to the film industry over the years. ... Read More

Indian Meditation: Meaning and Therapeutic Applications

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 16:44:42
Hinduism is considered the oldest religion in the world, and Meditation has been a part of the tradition for a long time. As per the Hindu tradition, every individual is a spiritual being, but once they get involved in worldly affairs, they detach from the Divine source; Meditation is a technique that helps individuals to become aware of themselves and connect their souls with the divine. The technique has proven highly useful in tackling and dealing with various physical and psychological disorders. Though the technique was initiated in India, it is becoming highly popular in the West and is one ... Read More
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