Hp-QC - Create Tests

Tests are created based on the requirements. Creating tests and covering all scenarios/parameters is the crucial factor for the success of any product.

Let us take a look at how to create a test suite and its important significance.

Step 1 − Create a Root folder as a container for having the test sets.

Create Tests 1

Step 2 − Click the New Test button. Enter the details of the test scenario and select the test type as shown below.

Create Tests 2

Step 3 − Select the Test and the Tabs would be generated as shown.

Create Tests 3

Step 4 − Click the design step details and provide the following info: step name, details, and description.

Create Tests 4 Create Tests 5

Step 5 − All the design steps can be accessed using "Design" steps tab as shown below.

Create Tests 6

Step 6 − Test Parameter details are entered using "Parameters" tab.

Create Tests 7

Step 7 − One can view history of this particular test case in History-Audit Log tab as shown below.

Create Tests 9
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