Python - Pretty Print Numbers


The python module pprint is used for giving proper printing formats to various data objects in python. Those data objects can represent a dictionary data type or even a data object containing the JSON data. In the below example we see how that data looks before applying the pprint module and after applying it.

import pprint

student_dict = {'Name': 'Tusar', 'Class': 'XII', 
     'Address': {'FLAT ':1308, 'BLOCK ':'A', 'LANE ':2, 'CITY ': 'HYD'}}

print student_dict
print "\n"
print "***With Pretty Print***"
print "-----------------------"

When we run the above program, we get the following output −

{'Address': {'FLAT ': 1308, 'LANE ': 2, 'CITY ': 'HYD', 'BLOCK ': 'A'}, 'Name': 'Tusar', 'Class': 'XII'}

***With Pretty Print***
{'Address': {'BLOCK ': 'A',
             'CITY ': 'HYD',
             'FLAT ': 1308,
             'LANE ': 2},
 'Class': 'XII',
 'Name': 'Tusar'}

Handling JSON Data

Pprint can also handle JSON data by formatting them to a more readable format.

import pprint

emp = {"Name":["Rick","Dan","Michelle","Ryan","Gary","Nina","Simon","Guru" ],
   "Salary":["623.3","515.2","611","729","843.25","578","632.8","722.5" ],   
   "StartDate":[ "1/1/2012","9/23/2013","11/15/2014","5/11/2014","3/27/2015","5/21/2013",
   "Dept":[ "IT","Operations","IT","HR","Finance","IT","Operations","Finance"] }

x= pprint.pformat(emp, indent=2)
print x

When we run the above program, we get the following output −

{ 'Dept': [ 'IT',
  'Name': ['Rick', 'Dan', 'Michelle', 'Ryan', 'Gary', 'Nina', 'Simon', 'Guru'],
  'Salary': [ '623.3',
  'StartDate': [ '1/1/2012',

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