Python - Extract URL from Text


URL extraction is achieved from a text file by using regular expression. The expression fetches the text wherever it matches the pattern. Only the re module is used for this purpose.


We can take a input file containig some URLs and process it thorugh the following program to extract the URLs. The findall()function is used to find all instances matching with the regular expression.

Inout File

Shown is the input file below. Which contains teo URLs.

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Now, when we take the above input file and process it through the following program we get the required output whihc gives only the URLs extracted from the file.

import re
with open("path\url_example.txt") as file:
        for line in file:
            urls = re.findall('https?://(?:[-\w.]|(?:%[\da-fA-F]{2}))+', line)

When we run the above program we get the following output −


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