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PHP - Forms Data Format Module

List of Functions

Sr.No Function & Description
1 fdf_add_doc_javascript_module()

Function can add javascript code to FDF document.

2 fdf_add_template_module()

Function can can add a template into FDF document.

3 fdf_close_module()

Function can make a thread-safe standard class at runtime.

4 fdf_create_module()

Function can create a new FDF document.

5 fdf_enum_values_module()

Function can call a user-defined function for each document value.

6 fdf_fdf_errno_module()

Function can return an error code for last fdf operation.

7 fdf_error_module()

Function can return an error description for FDF error code.

8 fdf_get_ap_module()

Function can get appearance of a field.

9 fdf_get_attachment_module()

Function can extract uploaded file embedded in the FDF.

10 fdf_get_encoding_module()

Function can get the value of the /Encoding key.

11 fdf_get_file_module()

Function can get the value of the /F key.

12 fdf_get_flags_module()

Function can get the flags of a field.

13 fdf_get_opt_module()
14 fdf_get_status_module()

Function can get the value of /STATUS key.

15 fdf_get_value_module()

Function can get the value of a field.

16 fdf_get_version_module()

Function can get a version number for FDF API or file.

17 fdf_header_module()

Function can set FDF specific output headers.

18 fdf_next_field_name_module()

Function can get the next field name.

19 fdf_open_module()

Function can open a FDF document.

20 fdf_open_string_module()

Function can can read the FDF document from a string.

21 fdf_remove_item_module()

Function can set the target frame for form.

22 fdf_save_module()

Function can can save a FDF document.

23 fdf_save_string_module()

Function can return the FDF document as a string.

24 fdf_set_ap_module()

Function can set the appearance of a field.

25 fdf_set_encoding_module()

Function can set the FDF character encoding.

26 fdf_set_file_module()

Function can set the PDF document to display FDF data in.

27 fdf_set_flags_module()

Function can set the flag of a field.

28 fdf_set_javascript_action_module()

Function can set javascript action of a field.

29 fdf_set_on_import_javascript_module()

Function can add a javascript code to be executed when Acrobat opens the FDF.

30 fdf_set_opt_module()

Function can set an option of a field.

31 fdf_set_status_module()

Function can set the value of /STATUS key

32 fdf_set_submit_form_action_module()

Function can set the submit form action of a field.

33 fdf_set_target_frame_module()

Function can set the target frame for form display.

34 fdf_set_value_module()

Function can set the value of a field.

35 fdf_set_version_module()

Function can set the version number for a FDF file.