You have been asked to maintain a garden. How will you minimise the use of water?

In order, to minimize the wastage of water in a garden, we can use drip irrigation. In this process, water drips directly at the base of plants. This stops wastage of water and the soil can absorb water slowly, hence replenishing the groundwater by this process.

We can check the leakages in the water pipes and arrange small pits for rainwater harvesting. The collected rainwater will be used later. 

[Extra information:  Overpopulation, increased Industrialisation, and Deforestation is primarily responsible for water scarcity. Hence, we need to minimize the use of water and avoid wastage of water. This can be done by:

Bawris: It is a traditional rainwater harvesting and storage system. It is basically a deep step-well built into the ground. These were built to store rainwater and use it as and when needed.

Drip irrigation: It is the process of watering the crops directly to the roots of the plants by water dripping through narrow pipes.

Water harvesting methods: Rainwater harvesting is the method of collection and preservation of clean rainwater directly from the roof and transferring it to the underground constructed tanks that be pumped out for future use.]

Rainwater harvesting structures are as follows:

Handpumps, dug wells, rooftop collection of rainwater, filters, flush and pits. ]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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