How will you separate sand and water from their mixture?

Sand and water can be separated by the process of sedimentation and decantation.

Sedimentation- Sedimentation is the process in which heavier particles of an insoluble solid settle down in a liquid. It can be done in a solid-liquid mixture.
Sand being the heavier particle will settle down in the liquid.
  • Advantage: It is a simple and cost-effective method. It does not require any special skill set.
  • Disadvantage: On slight shaking, the particles are suspended again in the liquid.

Decantation is the process of pouring out the liquid without disturbing the sediment. From the mixture of sand and water, water can be poured out without disturbing the sand.
  • Advantage: It is an easy and simple process. It is also cost-effective and does not require skills.
  • Disadvantage: While pouring the liquid out, some amount of sediment is likely to be poured out too.

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