Write uses of metals and non metals.

Uses of metals are as follows:
1. Shiny metals like copper, silver, and gold are used as decorative arts, in making jewelry, and coins.
2. Strong metals like iron and metal alloys (stainless steel) are used to build structures, ships, and vehicles including cars, trains, and trucks.
3. Metals due to their property of ductility and malleability, are used to make wires and filaments. For example, copper is used to make wires as they are good conductor of electricity. Tungsten is used for the filaments of light bulbs as it glows white-hot without melting.

Uses of Nonmetals are as follows:
1. Oxygen as gas is very essential to humans. Apart from breathing, it is also used for medical purposes and for combustion.
2. Sulfur is used due to its medical properties and as an important ingredient in chemical solutions. Sulfuric acid is used extensively in industry, in batteries and manufacturing.
3. Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant used to purify water for drinking and fill swimming pools.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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