Why are forests considered ‘‘biopersity hot spots’’? Suggest four approaches towards the conservation of forests.

Forests are considered as ‘‘biodiversity hot spots’’ because they consist of a huge variety and variability of plant and animal life surviving in their habitat. The communities they form also comes under biodiversity.

Each and every organism has its own importance in biodiversity.

For example, there are many plants and animals that help us in the form of food. Greater diversity would help in the stability of all forms of life.

 Approach towards the conservation of forest:

(i) Forest can be conserved by increasing the plantation of trees.

(ii) Forest can be converted into national parks and sanctuaries.

(iii) Local people residing near the forest must be involved in the protection and preservation of trees, animals and must be involved in some plantation activity.

(iv) The destruction of forests while making dams, roads, highways, resorts, hotels, industries, etc. must be strictly prohibited.


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