What is meant by biopersity? List two advantages of conserving forests and wildlife.

Biodiversity is a combination of biological and diversity. It is the variety and variability of plant and animal life in the surroundings along with their habitat. The communities they form also comes under biodiversity.

Each and every organism has its own importance in biodiversity.

For example, there are many plants and animals that help us in the form of food. Greater diversity would help in the stability of all forms of life.

Advantages of conservation of forest and wildlife are as follows:

(i) Forest prevent soil erosion by holding the soil together, thereby prevents floods.

(ii) Forest also produces a large number of raw materials for sports industries, furniture-based industries, fruit-based industries, and also provide a livelihood to people residing near to the forest.

(iii) Forest is a habitat for animals, birds, insects, and other creatures residing in the forest.

(iv) Conserving wildlife preserves various kind of species and prevent them from extinction.

(v) Wildlife is very crucial for maintaining the ecological balance for supporting life.


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