What is function and structure of nucleus ?

  • A nucleus is a double-membraned eukaryotic cell organelle which consists of the genetic material.
  • The nucleus is completely bound by a membrane known as nuclear envelope. This membrane distinguishes nucleus and its constituents from the cytoplasm of a cell.
  • The nucleoplasm of a nucleus holds the chromosomes and nucleolus.
  • The nucleolus found in the nucleus occupies 25% of the volume. The DNA present in the Chromosomes provides the genetic information.
  • Function of a nucleus is as follows:

    • Nucleus contains the hereditary information of a cell. Hence it controls the growth and reproduction in cells.
    • Nucleus is a DNA storage compartment and site for important cellular processes.
    • Nucleus is the site of transcription which forms different types of RNA from DNA.


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Updated on: 30-Mar-2023


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