What is Web Structure Mining?

Web structure mining is a tool that can recognize the relationship between web pages linked by data or direct link connection. This structured data is discoverable by the provision of web structure schema through database techniques for Web pages.

This connection enables a search engine to pull data associated with a search query directly to the connecting Web page from the website the content rests upon. This completion takes place through the need of spiders scanning the websites, fetching the home page, then, and connecting the data through reference connection to bring forth the specific page including the desired information.

Web mining can widely be viewed as the application of adapted data mining methods to the web, whereas data mining is represented as the application of the algorithm to find patterns on mostly structured data fixed into a knowledge discovery process.

Web mining has a distinctive property to support a collection of multiple data types. The web has several aspects that yield multiple approaches for the mining process, such as web pages including text, web pages are connected via hyperlinks, and user activity can be monitored via web server logs.

Structure mining uses minimize two main problems of the World Wide Web because of its large amount of data. The first problem is irrelevant to search outcomes.

Relevance of search information becomes misconstrued due to the problem that search engines often only allow for low precision criteria.

The second problem is the inability to index the large amount of data supported on the Web. This generates a low amount of remembering with content mining. This minimization appears in part with the service of finding the model underlying the Web hyperlink structure supported by Web structure mining.

The objective of structure mining is to extract previously unknown relationships among web pages. This structure of data mining offers use for a business to connect the data of its website to allow navigation and cluster data into site maps.

This enables its users the ability to create the desired data through keyword relations and content mining. Hyperlink hierarchy is also decided to path the related data within the sites to the connection of competitor links and connection through search engines and third-party co-links. This allows clustering of linked Web pages to create the relationship of these pages.

On the World Wide Web, the use of structure mining allows the determination of the same architecture of Web pages by clustering through the identification of basic structure.

This data can be used to design the similarities of web content. The known similarities then support the ability to support or improve the data of a site to allow access of web-spiders in a higher ratio. The higher the number of Web crawlers, the more advantageous to the site due to related content to searches.

Updated on: 16-Feb-2022

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