In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories and for shelter, trees are being continually cut. Is it justified to cut trees for such projects? Discuss and prepare a brief report.

No. It is strictly not justified to cut the trees for urbanization and industrialization.

Trees are the shelters for many animals, birds, insects, and other organisms. Cutting them leads to ecological imbalance and can also increase global warming.

Trees and plants absorb water from the Earth through their roots. This absorbed water goes back into the atmosphere through transpiration from leaves. Water vapor is the main cause of rain.

During deforestation, less water will evaporate into the atmosphere and thus can cause reduced rainfall.

The effects of deforestation on the following areas are:

(a) Wild animals: Deforestation has lost the natural habitat of the animals and can also lead to their extinction.

(b) Environment: Deforestation causes global warming in the environment and has an adverse effect on the ecosystem.

The plants are responsible for the absorption of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, and their absence will result in the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas.

(c) Villages (Rural areas): Villagers and tribals are one of the stakeholders of forests. They obtain fuel, fruits, wood, etc. from forests.

Deforestation reduces these available resources, and freely moving uninhabited animals also poses a danger for the villagers.

(d) Cities (Urban areas): Although, city people are not directly affected by deforestation, climate change caused due to deforestation is responsible for various calamities such as floods, droughts, tsunamis, etc.

(e) Earth: Deforestation removes the fertile land's green cover and converts it into the desert. It leads to climatic change and natural calamities.

(f) Next Generation:  Due to the harsh climatic conditions and increasing global warming caused by deforestation, many animals and plants species are on the verge of extinction. The next generation might not be able to obtain a glimpse of beautiful and attractive flora and fauna.


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Updated on: 06-Jan-2023


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