What are the trees used for furniture and which type of wood last long?

There are various trees used for furniture, depending on their desired characteristics. For example, in order to get the durable material, some particular type of wood is used, while in order to get a luster and shine in the product, a different wood is used.

Different Trees Used for Furniture

  • Oak Trees: These trees are famous for hard-grade wood red, or white color. Its property of absorbing any color is evident from the fact that it has large annual rings inside.

  • Maple Trees: The good thing about Maple is that it is less expensive than most of the alternatives of the same hardness and durability. It even absorbs colors quite well.

  • Pine Trees: Not far behind Maple, are the Pine trees. Again, among the least expensive and most economical ones, these trees produce a softer wood in comparison to Oak trees and Maple trees. The wood is slightly bluish in tinge, with dark brown or coffee shade knots.

  • Teak Wood: One of the fundamental choices of every Indian Household, Teak is very popular in furniture making. One may find chairs, tables, wall shelves, etc., made up of this. It is quite strong and that is the reason it is somewhat costly when compared to other available counterparts of Teak.

  • Rosewood: It is also called as 'Sheesham' and is fundamentally the second choice of Indian Household, after Teak. The distinct fragrance and the deep reddish brown tinge gives it its name.

  • Mahogany: Again a reddish brown wood, known popularly in India.

  • Cherry: A type of wood used for fine, luxurious and delicate stuff. This is quite expensive, yet worth it.

Among the varieties of available woods, the woods of Oak, Maple, and Teak are in high demand for their hardness and durability.