Should we focus on character building or prepare our children for the cut-throat race?

First of all, let me put the definitions of "Character building" and "Cutthroat race" before getting into the exact question. Character means a sum of attributes, mannerisms, and qualities that will define or describe a certain person. It shows the moral and ethical power of an individual. No matter what the conditions, situations, and circumstances are, a human with integrity or character always does right things. To enhance or strengthen one's character is what we call as "Character building".

On the other hand, pushing and putting a person into this extremely competitive world of accomplishing goals by not giving a damn about being ethical, also if required, following a wrong path to achieve success, etc. also expresses the ruthlessness of the word "Cutthroat race".

Now, coming to the question, if we connect the above two key words to the life of kids or students and suggest which should be preferred, everyone has their own opinion and everybody write their own perception. Well, I would share my views here. "Character building" is what I prefer over the cut-throat race. I'm not saying that students should completely get isolated from the competition and totally neglect their targets. Of course, they have to participate and give their best in the race but by keeping moral values in mind always.

They should not take the wrong step to win the race, even if others do. Character defines you, but no success! Winning a race makes you a successful person while winning the same race ethically and honestly makes you a human and a complete personality! Find a right role model, set some principles and do not get influenced by external pressures. The entire process of building a character takes time, but remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day".

This is my point of view. Perceptions may vary from person-to-person.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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