Explain, why speed is important for survival in the grasslands for animals that live there. (Hint: There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grasslands habitats.)

A large area of grass-covered land is used for grazing. There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grassland habitats.

Usually, there are very less trees in the grasslands for the animals to hide from their predators like tigers and lions. In contrast to it, in small grasses, predators can easily locate their prey.

Therefore, the animals in the grassland have to run extremely fast to save themselves from their predators and escape to reach a safe place.

Below is the type of grassland.

• Temperate Grassland

• Savannas

• Shurb lands biomes

The adaptation of forest and grassland animals is as follows:

1. Animals such as bison are adapted to feed on the grass with broad, flat-topped teeth and digestive systems.
2. To get protected from predators, some animals have front legs and paws that allow them to burrow into the ground.
3. To conceal their presence from predators, some animals are adapted for nocturnal life.
4. To hide from predators, the color of animals blends in with the plant life known as the camouflage effect.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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