Visit a local zoo and find out what special arrangements are made for the animals that have been brought there from different habitats.

In the local zoo, the authorities tried to develop a similar habitat to that of animals so that they could survive better. In the hot season, like the summer season, the zoo sets up special plans to keep its animal inmates cool and hydrated.

Coolers, water sprinklers, and summer foods like beetroot and watermelon are just some of the things the zoo has done to help the animals and birds deal with the hot summer weather.

Tigers and lions were provided with built caves and they were provided with forest scenes and meat as the food.

Tigers, lions, jaguars, and many other animals have their own coolers for the desert kept near their cages. The coolers in the desert run all the time. The coolers give them a break from the heat, and the cages also have fans that blow hot air out. Bears were given big pieces of ice, and all the windows were covered with mesh to keep mosquitoes out.

Similarly, monkeys are provided with many trees and playing equipment to make their lives happy.

In the enclosures, temporary huts made of wood logs and bamboo have been set up for herbivores. Also, elephants and deer were given muddy, shallow pools to swim in. All of the birds' cages have been covered with agro-net and jute mat to keep them from getting too hot and dying.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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