Explain the nutrition of the Australian Christmas Tree?

'Nuytsia floribunda' or 'The Australian Christmas' tree is a photosynthetic tree that is also hemiparasitic via its root system.

The tree obtains its food and sugar through the photosynthetic process in its leaves. 

Then it obtains water and minerals by using its own main root system along with its lateral parasitic roots connected to other plants’ root systems. 

These parasitic roots are connected to the host roots via haustoria (a scissor-like growth that is born on the end of a root when it comes into contact with a host root)  

After finding a host root it slices it in two and then bonds its own and the host’s vascular tissue (xylem) partially together to receive a portion of the host's water and nutrients

This allows the “Australian Christmas” tree to survive in the dry summer months of the Southwestern Australian climate.


Updated on: 30-Mar-2023


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