Christmas Tree Alternatives

What is Christmas Tree?

Christmas tree is an important part of Christmas and it is made from pine, spruce, or fir and decorated with lights. Christmas trees can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations. Germany is the place from where the modern Christmas originated. Apples were hung on trees but later people used to hang wafers and cookies. Candles are also lit on the tree. Different types of Christmas trees are used in various countries. Now people also started making artificial Christmas trees.

Why Christmas Tree Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of Christmas trees which are listed below −

  • Real trees are available at a high price

  • Real Christmas tree can cause allergies

  • Real Christmas trees have to be watered regularly

  • Artificial Christmas trees can lead to fire

  • Trees are made from harmful substances like PVC and chemicals

  • Artificial trees are not biodegradable

How to choose a Christmas Tree Alternative?

If you or your loved ones have allergies due to the presence of Christmas trees, you can go for alternatives which should have the following benefits −

  • Real trees fill your home with fragrance

  • Growing natural trees is beneficial for the environment

  • They are a source of income

  • Artificial Christmas trees can be used for many years

  • Artificial trees can be dismantled and stored

  • These trees do not cause allergy

Top 10 Christmas Tree Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Christmas trees and some of them are discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Reclaimed Wood Tree

Reclaimed Wood Tre can be made with the help of unused wood. This Christmas tree alternative can be made by arranging wood around a center dowel to give it a look similar to the real counterpart. The arrangement gives a look of a fir tree and it can be decorated with lights, apples, ornaments, cookies, etc.

Alternative 2 – 3D Wood Christmas Tree

A 3D Wood Christmas tree is a modern style tree which is made by using wooden stats whose lengths are not similar to each other. The branches of the tree are adjustable. Each branch can be arranged parallel to each other or they can be twisted to form a different style of Christmas tree. Different types of ornaments can be hung on the branches

Alternative 3 – Rosemary Shrub

Rosemary Shrub is a plant that can be trimmed to give a look of a Christmas tree. This is considered as one of the best alternatives to Christmas trees. This shrub also acts as a culinary plant which can be planted inside or outside the house. You can always prune the spring to control the growth of the plant. Rosemary has many uses and that is the reason they are planted in home lawns.

Alternative 4 – Floating Ornament Tree

Floating Ornament Tree is one of the modern styles of Christmas trees which look very creative. Take a fishing wire and arrange ornaments. The fishing wire should be hung on the ceiling. Ornaments of different shapes and sizes can be arranged on the wire to enhance the view.

Alternative 5 – Living Christmas Tree

Living Christmas tree is an eco-friendly option. These trees have their roots attached to them which enable you to plant them anywhere in your lawn. These trees can be smaller than the original ones but they do not produce any waste. The life of the tree is very long so people can enjoy its beauty for years. The smell of the tree is also very good.

Alternative 6 – Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine can be found every year in stores during the Christmas festival. This is a living alternative to Christmas tree and can be used by those people who do not have much space in their homes. The branches of the tree can be decorated with lights and ornaments. After the celebration of the festival, these pines can become houseplants. You can use this plant every year as a Christmas tree.

Alternative 7 – Wall hung Christmas Tree

Wall hung Christmas tree is a great idea as you can save a lot of floor space. You can use various materials like pine cones, twines, sticks, slices of dried fruits, and many more things. These materials should be hung on the wall to give a similar look as a Christmas tree. A start can be added on top of the tree. This star can be created by using sticks of small sizes.

Alternative 8 – Recycled Bottles Christmas Trees

Recycled Bottles Christmas tree can be considered as a new idea to make a Christmas tree. As per this idea, different types of bottles are arranged in such a way that they look like Christmas tree. Usually, bottles of green colors are used to make the tree. The bottles should be tied to a string at the base and additional bottles should be added to make the tree.

Alternative 9 – Upcycled Ladder Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree can be made by using a ladder. The ladder should be decorated with some garland. Other decorations can also be used to give the look of a Christmas tree. You can put presents on the ladder. This type of Christmas tree can be made in such houses where there is less space.

Alternative 10 – Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree is made by using succulents. This plant can act as a tabletop tree which can be decorated with soft lighting along with some decoration. The tree can be dismantled and stored so that it can again be used as a Christmas tree for next year.


Christmas Tree is a major part of Christmas celebrations. The tree can be found in most houses of Christians. People of other communities also put these trees in their houses. Christmas trees can be natural or artificial and both have advantages and disadvantages. There are many alternatives to Christmas tree which you can use to decorate your house during the festival

Updated on: 16-May-2023


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