Based on the group valency of elements write the molecular formula of the following compounds giving justification for each:(i) Oxide of first group elements.(ii) Halide of the elements of group thirteen, and(iii) Compound formed when an element, A of group 2 combines with an element, B of group seventeen.

(i) Sodium is a group one element (Na) so its configuration is 2, 8, 1 and its valency is 1.
Oxide has a valency of 2.
The formula for sodium oxide is Na2O.

(ii) Halide is any Halogen. One of the Group 13 element is Aluminium (Al) its configuration is 2, 8, 3, the valency of Al is 3, the valency of Cl is 1.
The formula would be AlCl3 (Aluminium chloride).

(iii) Element of group 2, for example, Mg 2, 8, 2  (valency 2).
Element of group 17, example, Cl 2, 8, 7 (valency  1).
The formula would be MgCl2 – (Magnesium Chloride).


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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