(a) What is meant by (i) a group, and (ii) a period, in a periodic table?(b) How many periods and groups are there in the long form of periodic table?
(c) Give two examples each of (i) group 1 elements (ii) group 17 elements (iii) group 18 elements.

(a)(i) Groups are the vertical columns in the periodic table.

(ii) A period is the horizontal rows of elements in the periodic table.

(b) There are seven periods and eighteen groups in the long form of the periodic table.

(c)(i) Two examples of Group 1 elements are Lithium and Sodium.

(ii) Two examples of Group 17 elements are Fluorine and Chlorine.

(iii) Two examples of Group 18 elements are Neon and Argon.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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