Process of Docketing Information


Docketing is the process of making entries in the 'Notes' portion of a file about each Serial Number (Receipt or Issue) in the 'Correspondence' for its identification. In a similar manner, a receipt will be docketed in writing using red ink, across the page, with the serial number of the communication followed by its number and date and the designation/name of the sender.

Docketing an 'Issue' is done by entering the serial number, date of its issue, along with the addressee’s name and designation.

Docketing of Part Files

During the process of docketing, none of the temporary pencil entries should remain on the main file, and all the revised entries should be made in red ink. Docketing in the Part Files should be done in Pencil in the following manner −

  • Serial Number............................................. (Receipt)
  • Serial Number............................................. (Issue)

Referencing and Use of Slips

Referencing is the method of selecting and using connected Records, Precedents, Rules, Regulations, etc., that can have a similarity or bearing on a case. Such reference materials are made possible by the usage of appropriate Files, File Number and by Quoting the Right Page Number. Slip papers are used as temporary arrangements for quickly identifying the pages. They shouldn’t be depended upon entirely for record-keeping purposes, and as such, the page numbers referred in a discussion should be put on record.

Cross-referencing of Correspondence

Books or Rules etc., which are being used for reference needn’t be added to the original file, if the copies of the same correspondence are available. The latest reference should always be used by the manager who is referencing the source needs to also mention the limits of applicability while quoting the source.

For any P.U.C., the manager needn’t go through the entire correspondence, but rather he should go by marking on all the previous references in margin with a pencil.

Linking of Files

In case there are two or more documents that are linked and on which action is needed simultaneously, the printed slip bearing 'please see also the linked file' should be attached to the top files’ cover, and the number of the linked file should be given on the slip.

Linking Of Files

Generally, files should be arranged into one convenient file by a logical and structured selection and arrangement. Linking of files should be borne out of necessity and not for impressing others with the sheer volume of related information, that is why the Heads of Departments must be careful while linking files and do it when it is an unavoidable circumstance.

Pinning Together of Papers

When the papers in a file are pinned together, care must be taken so that the sharp point of the pin doesn’t protrude and prick the fingers of any person who wants to access the file. To prevent injuries from pins, the sharp point of the pin must be kept under the surface of the paper.

Punching of Papers

Every paper shall be punched at the left-hand top corner to the correct gauge (3/4 of an inch from either side) before it is tagged to the correspondence or notes.

Flagging of Papers in a File

If a receipt which is being considered, then a flag bearing the words Paper Under Consideration (P.U.C.) should be attached. If there is a receipt that has been already dispatched, yet there are some other changes coming up on it, then the P.U.C. slip should be removed from the old receipt and affixed to the new one.