Managing Procedures Using Files


Sometimes a manager may pass an order relating to any matter of the file. At this point, it is the duty of the concerned individual to carry out the order before the due date, otherwise the significance of that information will reduce.

If, however, there occurs a delay due to some situations which are beyond control and the concerned person finds himself unable to perform the task before the due date, he should make a request to the concerned head for the extension of the time with full and sufficient reasons.

Managing Procedure Files

Number of Pages

It is necessary to number each page of notes and correspondence desperately with serial numbers at the top right hand corner from bottom to top. As we want to distinguish the P.U.C from the enclosure, each blank page should also be numbered.

Generally, the enclosure consists of several materials, which are also numbered accordingly. During the recording of the file, the page numbers which were marked with a pencil earlier will now be inked.

Serial Number

Every communication of a ‘Correspondence’ is marked with a serial number in a red ink positioned at the centre of its first page. Anyone that comes 1st in the list of communication will be termed as ‘Serial No. 1’ and the rest will follow accordingly. When it comes to ensuring the completion of any file or referring to any paper, this serial number plays a significant role.