Office Filing Procedure Tutorial

Office Filing Procedure Tutorial

Office Filing Procedure is the process of filing all the clearly defined and pan-organization followed practices in filing documents and important papers. These instruct all the employees on what actions are to be taken in case of certain situations, likely or unlikely. Office Filing Procedures can include Employee Job Descriptions, Workplace Etiquette, as well as certain confidentiality protocols. In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail about the benefits of Office Filing Procedure and how it helps an organization to become proficient.


This tutorial is designed for those young working professionals who have started working in extensively documentation-related departments like accounts, human resources, administration, etc. They can learn how to file which documents in what manner. Most often, a wrongly-designed document can spread massive miscommunication and discrepancies between the working departments in an organization.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, the reader is expected to be familiar with the concept of Business Writing and the different drafting as well as filing methods using which documents or information is filed in the organizations.