Name various plant hormones. Also give their physiological effects on plant growth and development.

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Plant hormones are the chemicals or hormones that perform the function of control and coordination in plants.

Plant hormones are responsible for the following:

(a) Auxin is a plant hormone present at the tip of the shoot and is responsible for the phenomenon of phototropism in plants. It helps in cell elongation.

(b) Gibberellin is responsible for stem elongation, breaking the dormancy, triggering germination, flowering, and flower development, and also responsible for the senescence of leaves and fruits.

(c) Cytokinin is responsible for the growth and stimulation of cell division. Thus, it carries out cell differentiation.

(d) Abscisic Acid is the growth inhibitor plant hormone, which causes abscission, i.e., triggers the fall of mature leaves and fruits from the plant body.

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