My girlfriend's best friend drops me romantic messages at midnight and talks as if she loves me? Is it an indication? How should I take it?

Your girlfriend loves you to be associated with her friends and family. However, she prefers to form a group with you and her best friend for hanging out on a daily basis. Does this group work out well?

What If Her Besty Flirts with You?

The situation can become grave for you if her best friend hits on you. Should you respond to her romantic messages that she sends past midnight? Should you confess this to your girlfriend? Well, the answer to these serious questions is a simple 'No'. You must be wondering, why?

The simple way to explain the answer is to understand the dual role played by her. She will never admit to her flaws but will try to impose the blame on you.

How to Deal with It?

The best way to deal with these kinds of ambiguous personalities is to avoid them completely. Make sure you never confront her in private to secure your relationship with the love of your life. How to do it? Let us find the simplest ways

  • Ignore going out with your girlfriend if she accompanies her.

  • Never utter a single word to her in private other than "I'm not interested."

  • Scrutinize her character and conclude whether she is like that or is indifferent towards you.

  • Never wish her on her special days to ensure she never gets a positive vibe from you.

  • Understand, why is she attracted to you? Analyze it and transform that part of your character into negative in front of her.

  • Pamper your girlfriend in front of her to convey a strong message of denial to her.

  • Try to find a good match for her to deal with her loneliness.

If the aforementioned points don't work, it is suggested to confess every incident to your girlfriend to maintain transparency.