MS SQL Server - Reporting services

Report is a displayable component.


Report is basically used for two purposes - Company Internal Operations and Company External Operations.

Reporting Services

This is a service which is used to create and publish various kinds of reports.

Following are the three requirements necessary to develop any report.

  • Business process
  • Layout
  • Query\Procedure\View

The BIDS (Business Intelligence Studio till 2008 R2) and SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools from 2012) are environment to develop reports.

Following are the steps to open BIDS\SSDT environment to develop reports.

Step 1 − Open either BIDS\SSDT based on the version from the Microsoft SQL Server programs group. The following screen will appear. In this case, SSDT has opened.

Reporting Services

Step 2 − Go to file at the top left corner in the above screenshot. Click New and select project. The following screen will open.

Reporting Services

Step 3 − In the above screen, select reporting services under business intelligence at the top left corner as shown in the following screenshot.

Reporting Services

Step 4 − In the above screen, select either report server project wizard (it will guide you step by step through wizards) or report server project (it will be used to select customized settings) based on your requirement to develop the report.