MS SQL Server - Create Users

User refers to an account in MS SQL Server database which is used to access database.

Users can be created using either of the following two methods.

Method 1 – Using T-SQL


Create user <username> for login <loginname>


To create user name 'TestUser' with mapping to Login name 'TestLogin' in TestDB database, run the following query.

create user TestUser for login TestLogin

Where 'TestLogin' is the login name which was created as part of the Login creation

Method 2 – Using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)

Note − First we have to create Login with any name before creating a user account.

Let’s use Login name called 'TestLogin'.

Step 1 − Connect SQL Server and expand databases folder. Then expand database called 'TestDB' where we are going to create the user account and expand the security folder. Right-click on users and click on the new user to see the following screen.

Database User New

Step 2 − Enter 'TestUser' in the user name field and click on ellipse to select the Login name called 'TestLogin' as shown in the following snapshot.


Step 3 − Click OK to display login name. Again click OK to create 'TestUser' user as shown in the following snapshot.

Create Users