MS SQL Server - Analysis Services

This service is used to analyze huge amounts of data and apply to business decisions. It is also used to create two or multidimensional business models.

In SQL Server 2000 version, it is called MSAS (Microsoft Analysis Services).

From SQL Server 2005, it is called SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services).


There are two modes − Native Mode (SQL Server Mode) and Share Point Mode.


There are two models − Tabular Model (For Team and Personal Analysis) and Multi Dimensions Model (For Corporate Analysis).

The BIDS (Business Intelligence Studio till 2008 R2) and SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools from 2012) are environments to work with SSAS.

Step 1 − Open either BIDS\SSDT based on the version from the Microsoft SQL Server programs group. The following screen will appear.

Analysis Services

Step 2 − The above screen shows SSDT has opened. Go to file on the top left corner in the above image and click New. Select project and the following screen opens.

Analysis Services

Step 3 − Select Analysis Services in the above screen under Business Intelligence as seen on the top left corner. The following screen pops up.

Analysis Services

Step 4 − In the above screen, select any one option from the listed five options based on your requirement to work with Analysis services.