Moving Towards Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing topic in the technology and business world. Many of us interact with AI each day, whether it’s Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Google Assistance (Google), Watson (IBM), or many of the other services in our homes and mobile devices.

There has been extensive research in this area and further research seems to be inevitable due to its ever growing demand. In this article, we will try to understand the changes in human thinking and evolution of AI and how herculean is the task of matching between them.

Incorporating human brain into computer machines is not that easy task. In many occasions, research on incorporating human brain in a machine (like Robot) has failed. As the human brain is always considered more superior than any technology in the world, the nature of the brain is also changing.

Generation Gap and its Effect

You can now see a 5-year-old kid operating an iPhone whereas the previous generation did not have the privilege. As the generation keeps moving forward, human brain also keeps moving forward. Technology that has been developed based on the reference of one generation may fail with the next generation.

To reference a similar example for such failure can be, Video games which were introduced in the late 90’s has lost its charm in 2000’s as play station and the like have come into the picture. This entertainment device which was designed with the 90’s kid’s nature of brain but Play station was built keeping in view of the next generation kid’s human brain as a reference.

Human Mind Vs Technology

Whenever we try to explore more on the human brain and build a technology, it will fail with the next generation brain. As the generation changes, the way of thinking is also getting changed. Technology should also be updated to meet the requirements of the ever evolving needs and changing generational thinking.

For instance, certain popular technologies and products didn’t update to meet the

current requirements. Nokia is one of the best examples which didn’t update to meet the current requirement. The Internet is one of the best examples which keeps a check on the changing behavior.

In the early 2000’s, dial-up connection was considered as the best. People used to accept the speed provided by the dial-up connection. The current generation will not even accept the dial up connection for more than a minute. The human brain and its requirement have changed a lot within a short span of time. We are now using 4G technology and waiting for the introduction of next generation technology too. Above examples clearly, state that one cannot ignore human brain while building a new technology or product. Technology or product that stratify the human brain will have huge success.

Stephen Hawkins on Artificial Intelligence

Whenever we discuss AI, we cannot ignore Prof. Stephen Hawking. He has warned that; full Artificial Intelligence would end humans. Yes, the total implementation might end humanity, but that is not predicted for the current, changing world where the requirements keep on changing.

Professor Stephen Hawking is not against AI as he never said that it should be stopped, It’s only our assumption from his speech. However, he warned the research scholars and others that they should not explore more on Artificial Intelligence and try to replace machines with human beings. Such a kind of replacement alone will end humans in this world. Having a machine as personal assistant to help the human being will not end humanity in the world. Technology innovators should try to build some useful machines and products to prove the point that, Artificial Intelligence will truly help human beings sooner or later.

Assistance provided by the machines doesn’t mean that the ability of human beings has reduced drastically. The real fact is, demand has got increased than the human resource available in the market. Unless until we try to incorporate, Artificial Intelligence into the business activity, we will not be able to meet the demands.

An ATM (automated teller machine) can be considered as the best example. It is one of the finest products of Artificial Intelligence. These machines are programmed to think in a logical way to deliver cash. It receives input from the user and delivers cash based on the amount quoted by the user and validates logically with the available amount. These machines have reduced the burden of bank employees and are very useful as the demand is quite more. In this case, these ATM’s are not replacing resources in the banking sector, rather they are helping the back-end employees. That’s the power and limitation of Artificial Intelligence.

Some Limitations

Although Artificial Intelligence is helping humans in many aspects, still there are few challenges which prevent the human being to incorporate Artificial Intelligence for the day to day use. One of

the major challenges with the Artificial Intelligence is that it couldn’t meet the trust of the user and couldn’t adapt to the real-time scenario. For instance, Google Car is one of the best examples for this scenario. A driverless car is a major project initiated by the automobile industry with the help of Artificial Intelligence. People were amazed to find the incredible features of Google car. But it had lost the human trust when it met with an accident. We can call this invention as full Artificial Intelligence which was considered as danger as quoted by Professor Hawking.

Incorporating Automatic gear change can be considered as partial implementation of AI. Probably this is one area we need to concentrate on moving forward in AI. Further deep research on machine learning may help to resolve the limitations of AI.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Structures, Algorithms will be requirements for someone who wish to work in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it. Eliezer Yudkowsky

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Updated on: 16-Jan-2020


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