Meteor - Packages

Meteor offers thousands of community packages that you can use while developing your app.

Adding Packages

You can check the official Meteor package server here. Just search for the package you need and add it in the command prompt window. If, for example, you want to add http package to your app, you can do it by running the following code −

C:\Users\username\Desktop\meteorApp>meteor add http

Removing Packages

A similar principle can be used to remove packages −

C:\Users\username\Desktop\meteorApp>meteor remove http

Updating Packages

You can update the package running the following code −

C:\Users\username\Desktop\meteorApp>meteor update http

Checking Current Packages

You can also check what packages your current application is using.

C:\Users\username\Desktop\meteorApp>meteor list

Package Maintenance

If a package has : in the name, it means that it is a community package, while the ones without the prefix are maintained by the Meteor Development group.

Adding Meteor Development Group Package

C:\Users\username\Desktop\meteorApp>meteor add http

Adding Community Package

C:\Users\username\Desktop\meteorApp>meteor add cfs:http-methods